HANDLE Practitioner Celebrates Anniversary
May 2016
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Certified HANDLE® practitioner Peg Simon is celebrating the sixth anniversary of the opening of her Montlake Terrace office, after having worked with children and adults with learning, attention, and behavior challenges using the HANDLE (Holistic Approach to Neurodevelopment and Learning Efficiency) approach for the last 12 years.  According to Simon, HANDLE combines an understanding of neuroplasticity and the interplay among mind, body and environment to help the brain gently change itself. As well as evaluating brain processing, the approach looks at anxiety, sensory issues, vulnerability, and nutrition, and how all systems work together. The disorders addressed include ASD, ADHD, sensory integration challenges, dyslexia and other learning disorders. “One of the things that I really love about this work is that working together, the family and I can bring the stress levels down for everyone in the family, so that the genuine strengths and qualities of each person can shine,” Simon says. “We are all so much more than just our output: how we do at school or work, for example. Although we need to be able to succeed at these parts of life, we should always remember to value the qualities and feelings and joyous parts of our lives that make up the whole unique individual that we are. HANDLE can help a person to be able to do the tasks they need to do so much easier, with less stress, so that there’s room in their life for everything else they may want to do and be,” Simon finishes. “And I think that’s huge!

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