New Online Program Shows How to Reduce EMFs in the Home
June 2017
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Certified Building Biologist and EMF Specialist, Risa Suzuki, has developed a new online course designed to teach people how to reduce EMFs in the home to improve sleep and energy and reduce headaches, allergies and fatigue.

The 5-Step program is a self-study online course with detailed step-by-step instructions to find and reduce harmful EMFs in the home. Students will learn about all of the EMF fields in the home and how they work, the different options and instructions for reducing and shielding them, and tips for safeguarding health when it comes to travel and being out and about.

Risa Suzuki is healthy home and digital detox expert who helps people transform their home into a thriving, vibrant environment that supports and nourishes the mind, body and soul. In addition to the online course, she offers in-person assessments and a healthy home coaching program. For more information and to register for the class, see www.risasuzuki.com/liftyourspirits.