Therapeutic Music Program Offers September Training
August 2017
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Registration is now open for the Music for Healing and Transition Program (MHTP), which will start in Federal Way at St Francis Hospital on Sept. 9 and
10. The program trains and certifies musicians in the art and science of providing therapeutic music for body, mind, and spirit.

Musicians who sing or play acoustic instruments, from flutes to stringed instruments, bring the peace and beauty of music to patients in the hospital, in hospice and in skilled nursing facilities, according to Cheryl Zabel, certified music practioner. “Music can decrease pain, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and stabilize heart rate,” Zabel notes. “Musicians who want to reach out with their music to those who are critically and chronically ill or are passing from this life are needed,” she continues. “Many of you have seen the benefits of beautiful music in hospitals or to your loved ones in hospice.”

MHTP is a nonprofit and one of the oldest therapeutic music training organizations, with over 800 certified music practitioners. MHTP is accredited by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians.
For more information: mhtp.org.