Author and Teacher Jack Allis to Present at East West Bookshop
February 2018
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Jack Allis, author of Creating the New World According to the Ancient Wisdom, will offer a ceremonial presentation at East West Bookshop on Feb. 22 from 7-8:30 p.m. Admission is $20 and registration is required at East-WestBookshop.com.

This ceremonial presentation by Jack Allis is based on his new novel, Blue Sun, Red Sun, a story from Hopi prophesy about the coming of the Blue and Red Kachinas. According to Allis, this signals a paradigm shift, and opportunity to learn about creating the new world according to this ancient wisdom.

“We’ll explore this ancient wisdom and discuss what forces must come into play, plus talk about how we defeat the old paradigm matrix,” Allis says. “There’s a question here about the part that each of us plays, and we’ll address our role in this world too,” he continues, explaining that he’ll also demonstrate the power of ceremony to make this happen, with prayer, chanting and music offered for audience participation.

Allis, who practices living sustainably in the remote mountains, has written several other books and produced two DVDs. His most recent novel, Blue Sun, Red Sun, tells the epic story that follows ancient Hopi prophesy about a small sustainable community in the remote mountains, which survives economic and climate devastation to see the dawning of a new world, the world of the Fifth Sun.

Allis was in private practice in cognitive psychotherapy in Santa Barbara and Ventura from 1989 until 2001, when he moved to Wisconsin, before later moving to Shasta, California to focus on writing and teaching.

Register at EastWestBookshop.com. For more information: JackAllis.com.