Foods for Ageless Beauty
May 2011

Nourishing Skin from Inside and Out

NourishingSkingUsing naturally effective skincare products and eating foods that fortify and foster healthy cells work to renew, repair and rejuvenate skin for lasting beauty.

Many authorities have a good reason to champion the fact that food nutrients such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and omega oils are now showing up in personal care products. According to studies published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Food and Chemical Toxicology and Environmental Health Perspectives, skin can absorb up to 60 percent of what we apply to it. So, feeding skin high-quality ingredients may be as critical as the food we eat.

It’s common knowledge that drinking a sufficient amount of pure water is essential for overall health and radiant skin. Here is a look at how other recommended foods contribute to ageless beauty.

Video Games Boost Daddy Daughter Bonds
May 2011

This Type of Play can Connect Families

VideoGamesResearchers from Brigham Young University have found that the time that dads and their adolescent daughters spend playing age-appropriate video games has positive outcomes. Girls who co-played with a parent (it’s usually the dad), felt a stronger connection to their families, exhibited less aggressive behavior and showed signs of stronger mental health, such as less depression and anxiety, compared with female peers. The parents likewise described an enhanced feeling of connectedness.

However, lead study author Sarah Coyne, Ph.D., notes, “When girls played inappropriate games (rated M for Mature), their reported family-connection levels fell.” Popular age-appropriate videos include Wii Sports, Rock Band, Mario Kart, Mario Party and Super Mario Bros.

Surprisingly, the results discerned with girls ages 11 through 16 do not apply to adolescent boys. The researchers surmise that this may be because boys tend to play video games more often than girls, mostly without a parent present, so a few more hours with a parent has less of an impact. Other studies have shown that boys also tend to play more violent games than girls.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids should be allowed no more than two hours of non-school-related screen time a day, and get at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity.

Source: Rodale News

Sustainable Beauty
May 2011

Pamper Yourself and the Planet with an Eco-Friendly Routine

SustainableBeautyBefore slathering or spraying a product on your body, it’s worth asking yourself: Do I really need this? Can I find a different product with more natural ingredients and less packaging to recycle? How can I beautify myself without dirtying the planet? Try these 12 simple tips to green your daily routine.

Alzheimer's Alternatives
May 2011

Natural Therapies Can Help

AnimalAlzheimersCanine and feline Alzheimer’s disease, also known as cognitive disorder, is the most common chronic degenerative problem for older dogs and cats, especially past the age of 10. It affects millions of pets in the United States.

The cause of Alzheimer’s in animals is unknown. It appears, however, that inflammation may play a role. On the microscopic level, scientists have noted the presence of abnormal protein accumulations occurring within the brain’s blood vessels, similar to those in people with Alzheimer’s. Ultimately, the brain lesions interfere with proper functioning of nerve transmissions.

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