Bastyr University Announces Yin Yoga Teacher Training
September 2017

sept_2017_page_5A Yin Yoga Teacher Training course will take place at Bastyr University’s Kenmore campus starting on Sept. 30, with a commitment of weekends plus Wednesday evenings for eight weeks. Each trainee will complete 200 hours of training and will receive a certificate of completion allowing them to register with Yoga Alliance as instructors. The course is open to the public; however, participants should have a minimum of six months of any style yoga practice.

“We are often moving so it’s hard to be still and let thoughts come and go,” says Pam Granston, instructor of the new Yin Yoga Teacher Training course at Bastyr University.She explains that the yin style of yoga can help people find balance in today’s yang-focused society.

“In the yoga world, most athletic-based classes are rooted in yang with a focus on building muscles and strength,” Granston says. “Meanwhile, yin yoga focuses on the connective tissues–joints and ligaments–and works to help you release energy and blockages that can disrupt our qi.”

Qi, pronounced “chee,” is the underlying life force that runs through the body along what are known as meridians. “There are highways of energy that move up and down and across our body,” says Granston. “Yin yoga’s focus on opening connective tissues and joints allows qi to continue to flow.”

The new teacher training course is offered through Bastyr’s Department of Certificate, Community and Continuing Education, and upon completion of the 200 training hours, students are eligible for certification through the Yoga Alliance to teach their own yin yoga class.

However, Granston says the class can also be beneficial for individuals who simply want to expand upon their own practice and cultivate a depth of awareness. “This course will provide you with a deeper knowledge of yin and yang,” she says. “It will give you what you need to find balance in your life.”

The Yin Yoga Teacher Training course begins Sept. 30. $2800/before Sept. 10; $3000/after. For more information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 425-602-3152.

Therapeutic Music Program Offers September Training
August 2017

Registration is now open for the Music for Healing and Transition Program (MHTP), which will start in Federal Way at St Francis Hospital on Sept. 9 and
10. The program trains and certifies musicians in the art and science of providing therapeutic music for body, mind, and spirit.

Musicians who sing or play acoustic instruments, from flutes to stringed instruments, bring the peace and beauty of music to patients in the hospital, in hospice and in skilled nursing facilities, according to Cheryl Zabel, certified music practioner. “Music can decrease pain, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and stabilize heart rate,” Zabel notes. “Musicians who want to reach out with their music to those who are critically and chronically ill or are passing from this life are needed,” she continues. “Many of you have seen the benefits of beautiful music in hospitals or to your loved ones in hospice.”

MHTP is a nonprofit and one of the oldest therapeutic music training organizations, with over 800 certified music practitioners. MHTP is accredited by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians.
For more information: mhtp.org.

Melissa Joy Returns to Seattle for M-Joy Integrative Seminar
July 2017

Best-selling author and speaker Melissa Joy Jonsson has announced that her transformational ‘M-Joy Integrative’ seminar will be offered in Seattle September 9-10. The seminar will teach a whole way of being, including strategies and methods for interacting with patterns that shape the experience of reality.

“This is a path of selflove, authenticity, and personal truth that, if we simply embody it, can transform all that we relate to in our individual and shared experiences,” Melissa Joy says. “Interactive reality creation and the transformation process is about much more than recasting thoughts or beliefs,” she continues. “Embrace heart-centered awareness to experience True Authentic Self, and to walk fully in integrity.”

Melissa Joy notes that many life experiences are the result of the fields with which individuals resonate. “When we resonate in fields of fear, lack, separation, and limitation, our lives will reflect accordingly,” she says. “When we resonate in fields of love, abundance, unity and expansion, our lives mirror this, too.” The seminar will cover topics including the physics of personal power, how to use limitations as a springboard, and more.

Melissa Joy has been teaching popular life-transformational seminars around the world since 2008. She is the founder and instructor of the ‘M-Joy’ seminar series, a unifying movement in consciousness dedicated to exploring and expanding heartcentered awareness and practical personal empowerment for everyone. Melissa is the author of the bestselling books The Integrity Effect (March 2017), Little Book of Big Potentials: 24 Fields of Flow, Fulfillment, Abundance, and Joy in Everyday Life (July 2015) and M-Joy Practically Speaking; Matrix Energetics and Living Your Infinite Potential (March 2014). She is also the author of Practical Play the Heart-Centered Way: A Complementary Play Guide to Little Book of Big Potentials (January 2016).

The M-Joy Integrative seminar will take place at the Seattle Airport Marriott, 3201 South 176th Street, Seattle. This seminar is open to everyone and there is no prerequisite for the M-Joy Integrative Seminar. $500.00/prior to August 18, $550/after August 18. For more information about the M-Joy Integrative seminar and to register visit: MJoyHeartfield.com.

Ballard Spiritual Center Takes Inspiration from Modern Movies
July 2017

july_2017_ballard1Amazing Grace Spiritual Center is about to offer its Summer Movie Series (July 6 through August 27) , with free showings of recent hit films on Thursday nights followed by a spiritual breakdown of the movie’s themes with illustrative clips at the Sunday morning services.

Now operating for five years in its Ballard Location, Amazing Grace offers a non-traditional approach to spirituality that draws on the wisdom of the world’s major religions, combined with a modern understanding of human psychology and ideas from the human potential movement. The movie series is a perfect example of the community’s out-of-the-box approach to integrating practical spirituality into everyday life.

“Movies like ‘Hidden Figures,’ ‘Sully,’ ‘Spotlight,’ and ‘Queen of Katwe’ do a great job of making recent events engaging and dramatic,” says Amazing Grace Co-Founder Eric O’del. “What we can then do is tease out the spiritual lessons from what the characters are going through, and learn from the choices they make. Even a fun animated movie like ‘Zootopia.’ a documentary like ‘Gleason’ (about a professional football player’s struggle with ALS) or a fictional work like ‘Collateral Beauty’ can be powerful sources of spiritual inspiration.”

In addition to its Summer Movie Series, Amazing Grace offers a year-round schedule of classes in practical spirituality, opportunities to serve on a Local Service Team that provides meals to our homeless neighbors, and a Global Service Team that is engaged in school building projects in Cambodia and Kenya. Every month the Center takes collections of goods for those in need in the Greater Seattle area. This past February the community collected over 3,500 cans of soup and chili for the Ballard Food Bank. Service is a big part of the mission of Amazing Grace Spiritual Center. “Our prayer is this: Take all that I am, all that I have, and all that I do, and use them in service to a purpose greater than myself,” says Co-Founder O’del.

The Sunday morning schedule includes a silent meditation from 10 to 10:20 a.m., a worship service and children’s program at 10:30 a.m., and a community potluck at 11:45 a.m. The worship service includes lively contemporary music from a three-piece band with professional guest vocalists, congregant singers, and an adult choir. The children’s weekly lessons are playful but carefully planned to parallel the subject matter in the worship service.

Housed in an historic 107-year-old church building at 61st and 20th NW in Ballard, Amazing Grace Spiritual Center is building a community of people who care for each other while they make positive contributions to the neighborhood, the city, and people all around the world.

Amazing Grace Spiritual Center is located at 2007 NW 61st St, Seattle. For more information: 206-402-2633 or AmazingGraceSeattle.org.

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